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  • Smart Nursery

    For Martin Smart Home Expo


    A group of 12 smart products for Infant Nursery were selected to demonstrate how technology innovations can transfer a typical day of parenting from sleeping, breastfeeding, diaper changing to sick-care and play & learn.

    Consumer Technologies for Fertility Monitoring and Premature Babies

    For a multi-site Women Health Medical Center


    13 products were screened for preliminary evaluation ranging from clinical care to home based care.

    Technology portfolio for Early Child Development

    For Montessori Early Child Education Institute, Beijing


    10 products in smart care and smart learning were selected to tryout at multi-site daycare classrooms for children's physical development, cognitive development and emotional development.

    Future of Baby Wellness and Pediatric Care

    For Disney Shanghai Health Clinic

    9 products were selected for demo at the Health Clinic during the Disney resort opening month.

    Home Health Technologies for Gestational and Juvenile Diabetes

    For American Diabetes Association Annual Health Tech Showcase


    A collection of 6 best in class products were curated by team Healthybee to showcase how consumer innovations can work together for diabetes prevention and diabetes care during pregnancy.